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We offer very economical Linux website Hosting & Windows Hosting Plans. Our hosting plans are very economical and feature rich. Web Hosting is a type of Internet service that permits individuals and corporations to make their online portals viewable online. Web hosting service providers are firms that offer storage space on a hosting server stored in a data center and guarantee uninterrupted Internet access.
Where do you begin?
The World Wide Web has become a vital staple in our everyday routine. It offers you the ability to gain extra profit, but can also be a major source of income. In order to place ads on your web site or to advertise goods that you offer, you always need a hosting service, which will make sure that your web page is safe and continually available. But how do you discover one that is modestly priced and yet reliable enough?

The Shared Hosting solution
The solution hosting corporations have come up with is named shared web hosting. With the shared hosting solution, plenty of users are hosted on one and the same web hosting server. There are harsh limitations on the resources that each shared hosting account can actually avail of, thus ensuring that they do not intervene with each other. The shared solution offers good performance and costs less than, let's says, a dedicated web server, which is utilized by only one single person.

Dedicated Server web Hosting
Dedicated servers are in most circumstances much more high-priced than shared web hosting. You might ask why anyone would use a dedicated hosting server then. The answer is quite simple. If your corporation has a heavy-content online portal, or just has very explicit web server configuration and safety requirements, the right option is a dedicated hosting web server that you or your technicians can administer directly. For someone who is prepared to invest in safety and dependability, the greater price is not a problem.
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Name:-Ms.Jashwini D. Raut
Feedback: - Workshop is very good and give more knowledge to improve the technical knowledge.
Name:-Ms. Joshna Anup Dhoke
Feedback: - I feel really good to attain the workshop. This session is really interesting and from this workshop I have gained a good knowledge.
Name:-Dr. Khan Rahat Afreen
Email-id:- siddiqui.rahat@gmail.com
Feedback: - Excellent Experience
Name:- Ms. Heena Fatema
Email-id:- hinafatema26@gmail.com
Feedback: - It was a nice experience with you. You are doing a great job, keep it up!
Name:- Meenal N Chankapure
Email-id:- meenalchankapure@yahoo.com
Feedback: - This session is awesome. We would like to attend it one more time. So please arrange this session on personality development one more time.
Name:- Anup A Jambhulkar
Email-id:- Anuo.jambhulkar001@gmail.com
Feedback: - It was awesome and I really enjoyed as well as very good things learnt from this guest lecture. Thank you sir for this precious lecture.
Name:- Mr. Amol Dinkarrao Vetal
Email-id:- vetalamol@gmail.com
Feedback: - The today's session is very nice for me, and I learn about the Anroid and the basic applications we done today practically and I am so excited to learn new things in Anroid technology.
Name:- Mr. Swapanil S Boarse
Email-id:- rajshivrajsb@gmail.com
Feedback: - Today's session was very good and important for me to know the basic things in Anroid operating system, instead of this Mr. Atul sir is very good person is very good in Anroid OS and application designing.
Name:-Ketan Mokadam
Feedback: - Nice workshop. Good knowledge delivered by the faculty of SSIT Pvt Ltd.
Name:-Dhiraj Nanwatkar
Feedback: - The session was too good. I have never seen such kind of quality prior.
Name:-Amol Wankhede
Feedback: - The workshop was well conducted & knowledgeable to us.
Name:-Rohit Chandekar
Feedback: - I am happy with the training Quality of S.S.I.T.
Name:-Abhas Lutade
Feedback: - The .Net workshop was too good. I have cleared my all the doubts through this workshop.
Name:-Ms.Samiksha Deshmukh
Feedback: - The oracle 11g workshop was interactive & thadani sir's has cleared each & every queries related to it. Over all it was a good workshop conducted by SSIT Pvt Ltd, Team.
Name:-Ashutosh Ghui
Feedback: - It was a great experience to learn new things & I liked it very much.
Name:-Mr.A.K.Gupta (JT. GM.ITC)
Feedback: - The quality & service of SSIT Pvt Ltd is awesome. Best of luck for the bright future of SSIT Pvt Ltd.
Name:-Ms.Rasika Rode
Feedback: - It's really nice to attend this seminar.
Name:-Ketan Mokadam
Feedback: - Nice workshop. Good knowledge delivered by the faculty of SSIT Pvt Ltd.
Name:-Rahul Waghmare
Feedback: - We are feeling very good after attending 3 days workshop on android Technology.We are very thankful to SSIT Pvt Ltd.
Name:-Prachi Sakhare
Feedback: - It was a nice experience.I am happy as i find myself being able to build android apps.Thanku for this workshop.