Non Technical Training
SSIT Pvt Ltd provides non – technical training to the Students, Corporate Sector and Institutes as and when required .Through this programme we groom personality of the students & professionals and help them to put good impact in their professional carrier.

SSIT Pvt Ltd includes communication skills, personality Development, stress management and leadership skills under non technical training programme.

SSIT Pvt Ltd also impart non-technical training on following modules:-
Course Name Duration   Based on Discussions
International Business Practices  
Effective Business Communcation  
Basic Communication Skills  
Spoken English & Business English Skills  
Stress Management Skills  
Personality Development  
Presentation & Public Speaking Skills  
Business Presentation Skills  
Prioritizing, Planning & Organizing Skills  
Goal Setting  
Performance Management Skills  
Effective Delegation  
Effective Decision-Making  
Managing Change (Campus to Corporate)  
Conflict Management  
Business Etiquette And Social Graces  
Strategic Planning For Managers  
Managerial Effectiveness  
Team Building  
Working in Teams  
Conducting Effective Performance Apprisal  
Productivity Enhancer Program  
Corporate & Business Etiquette  
Time Management  
Impact With Confidence  
Systems Thinking & Learning Organizations  
Leadership Skills  
Motivating People  
Problem Solving Skills  
Creativity & Decision Making Skills  
Corporate Loyalty  
Interviewing Skills  
Negotiation Skills  
Train The Trainer Program  
Accounting & Control Systems For Software Professionals  
Finance For Non-Finance Executives  
Instructional Design Program  
Technical Writing Skills  
Summer Internship Programme
Software Development
CRT Programme
Name:-Ms.Jashwini D. Raut
Feedback: - Workshop is very good and give more knowledge to improve the technical knowledge.
Name:-Ms. Joshna Anup Dhoke
Feedback: - I feel really good to attain the workshop. This session is really interesting and from this workshop I have gained a good knowledge.
Name:-Dr. Khan Rahat Afreen
Feedback: - Excellent Experience
Name:- Ms. Heena Fatema
Feedback: - It was a nice experience with you. You are doing a great job, keep it up!
Name:- Meenal N Chankapure
Feedback: - This session is awesome. We would like to attend it one more time. So please arrange this session on personality development one more time.
Name:- Anup A Jambhulkar
Feedback: - It was awesome and I really enjoyed as well as very good things learnt from this guest lecture. Thank you sir for this precious lecture.
Name:- Mr. Amol Dinkarrao Vetal
Feedback: - The today's session is very nice for me, and I learn about the Anroid and the basic applications we done today practically and I am so excited to learn new things in Anroid technology.
Name:- Mr. Swapanil S Boarse
Feedback: - Today's session was very good and important for me to know the basic things in Anroid operating system, instead of this Mr. Atul sir is very good person is very good in Anroid OS and application designing.
Name:-Ketan Mokadam
Feedback: - Nice workshop. Good knowledge delivered by the faculty of SSIT Pvt Ltd.
Name:-Dhiraj Nanwatkar
Feedback: - The session was too good. I have never seen such kind of quality prior.
Name:-Amol Wankhede
Feedback: - The workshop was well conducted & knowledgeable to us.
Name:-Rohit Chandekar
Feedback: - I am happy with the training Quality of S.S.I.T.
Name:-Abhas Lutade
Feedback: - The .Net workshop was too good. I have cleared my all the doubts through this workshop.
Name:-Ms.Samiksha Deshmukh
Feedback: - The oracle 11g workshop was interactive & thadani sir's has cleared each & every queries related to it. Over all it was a good workshop conducted by SSIT Pvt Ltd, Team.
Name:-Ashutosh Ghui
Feedback: - It was a great experience to learn new things & I liked it very much.
Name:-Mr.A.K.Gupta (JT. GM.ITC)
Feedback: - The quality & service of SSIT Pvt Ltd is awesome. Best of luck for the bright future of SSIT Pvt Ltd.
Name:-Ms.Rasika Rode
Feedback: - It's really nice to attend this seminar.
Name:-Ketan Mokadam
Feedback: - Nice workshop. Good knowledge delivered by the faculty of SSIT Pvt Ltd.
Name:-Rahul Waghmare
Feedback: - We are feeling very good after attending 3 days workshop on android Technology.We are very thankful to SSIT Pvt Ltd.
Name:-Prachi Sakhare
Feedback: - It was a nice experience.I am happy as i find myself being able to build android apps.Thanku for this workshop.