Campus Recruitment Training
The IT industry has seen stupendous growth during the last decade. It employed around five lakh employees in 1999 and today, it directly employs twenty five lakh employees. Also, the indirect employment attributed to IT & ITES sector, is approximately 80 lakh. As per NASSCOM, the workforce in Indian IT industry is expected to touch 3 crore by 2020. This year, there is a plan to recruit nearly 2.5 lakh engineering graduates from various campuses. For example,TCS plans to add 60,000 workers this year.
Infosys plans to hire around 45,000 people this year. Similarly, Cognizant recruited 25,000 professionals last year and plans to hire a similar number of engineering graduates this year also. In addition to Indian IT firms, global giants like IBM, Accenture and HP, also have plans to hire in large numbers in India. This requirement of IT companies can be fulfilled by two different methods. In the first method, companies can reach out to the vast pool of talent through advertisements in newspapers. In this method, the prospective candidates approach the companies. This method may be particularly useful, if the number of job vacancies is less. When the number of vacancies is high, this method is time consuming.

The other more proactive approach by the organization is to directly visit the campuses and recruit the candidates from those campuses. This method is referred to as Campus Recruitment. In this method, both the organizations and the prospective candidates come to a common platform. This common platform provides excellent opportunities to the companies to interact with the talented students who are ever enthusiastic and extremely motivated and who are willing to go that extra mile to prove them. For a student, this system provides a smooth path to enter the job market straight from the campuses.
Why Campus Recruitment ?
Today, many top corporate houses are giving a lot of importance to Campus recruitment. Corporate want to hire and retain the best possible talent in order to gain competitive edge over their rivals. During recruitment process, a company employs various selection tools to ensure that it hires right person for the right job. This quest to attain the right fit between a person and a job has magnified the importance of Campus Recruitment and not only engineering colleges but also degree colleges have started to adopt this process. In this context, it is worthwhile to mention that the job-market, today, is promising, not just, for engineering graduates but also for non-engineering graduates.

Top notch IT companies are also hiring non-engineering graduates like BSc, BCA graduates, diploma holders. For example, in the year 2010-2011, Infosys made offers to 1000 non-engineering graduates. The compensation package offered to them was Rs 2.18 lakhs per annum. Similarly, TCS is recruiting commerce graduates for software development.

The coding has been redesigned so that these graduates can do that part of the work, which does not involve engineering knowledge. This, surely, is an encouraging sign for all those who are from non-engineering backgrounds and who wish to take up jobs with companies like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro etc. Not just IT industry, but other industries too are buzzing with recruitment activities. For example, the Mahindra Group, which has a wide range of businesses, plans to hire around 25,000 professionals by the end of this year.
Eligibility Criteria for entry level position:
Each company has its own eligibility criteria in terms of age, qualification, year of graduation, % marks scored in Class Xth, XIIth, and UG/PG. The basic eligibility criteria for entry level position in different IT companies may vary, slightly, from company to company, but broadly they do not differ much.

For example, for an entry level position in TCS, a prospective candidate should have an aggregate of 60 % in Std X, XII, & Graduation/ Post Graduation (all semesters including optional subjects). He also should have less than 2 years of gap in his academic career. Similarly, for an entry level position in Cognizant, a prospective candidate should have secured over 60% in X, XII, UG/PG (if applicable). There should be no outstanding carrears.
Stages in Selection Process:
Various stages of the selection process remain, broadly, the same for these companies, with some slight variations. These variations could be in the form of an additional or less number of stages for some companies.

The following are the stages that students normally go through as a part of Campus Recruitment:
Aptitude Test.

SSIT Pvt Ltd has a comprehensive programme designed to train students for all the stages of Campus Recruitments done at various colleges including engineering colleges and MCA colleges. The programme has different modules for written test or aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews. This programme is updated on a regular basis to keep pace with the changes in the recruitment procedures adopted by various companies at campuses.

All the areas normally covered in the aptitude tests of most companies, i.e., Quantitative ability, Reasoning, Verbal and Basic Computer Skills are covered in detail in the course offered by SSIT Pvt Ltd. As a part of the course, students get practice exercises and test papers for each test area followed by comprehensive tests on the pattern of the tests conducted by major companies.

To prepare the students for the next stages, i.e. Group Discussion (GD) and Interview, classes are conducted in Communication Skills which include basic communication skills, GD and Interview basics; mock GDs, mock Interviews (HR & Technical) and Psychometric tests.

Following are some of the salient features of the Campus Recruitment Training course offered by SSIT Pvt Ltd

Minimum 144 hrs /36 days (Daily 4 hrs) of vigorous classes conducted for any one module either core Java & Advanced           Java or PHP or C#.Net & Asp.Net including Non Technical Training like Aptitude Test, Interview Techniques, GDPI.
Total 288 hrs/ 72 days (Daily 4 hrs) classes conducted by SSIT Pvt Ltd for all the module including core Java, Advanced             Java,PHP,C#.Net, including Non Technical Training like Aptitude Test, Interview Techniques,GDPI.
Classes on basic communication skills (Group Discussion basics, Mock Group Discussions, speaking skills, listening &            writing skills, Psychometric test)
Experienced faculty members to impart the best classroom inputs.
Two individual mock interviews (one HR and one Technical) to equip the students with the questions and the skill set      required handling the real interviews. Experts who have experience in recruitment process conduct these mock           interviews.
Guidance about the selection processes followed by various companies to ensure focus.
Classes on computers (covering computer fundamentals, operating systems, networking, C language, C++, test papers           in C and computer)

Campus Alliance Programme for CRT:
In addition to the above Own Location Programmes (offered at our own offices/classrooms), we also offer Campus Alliance Programmes (CAP) for CRT. CAP for CRT is a programme conducted by us at colleges on their own campuses. This gives a major advantage to the students since it saves a lot of time for them when they attend programmes at their own college campuses. CAP for CRT can be comprehensive programmes as detailed above or specific modules tailored to suit the requirements of the colleges/students. Colleges interested in SSIT Pvt Ltd Campus Alliance Programmes can get in touch with the SSIT office for details and further discussions. Or you can send a mail to .
Summer Internship Programme
Software Development
CRT Programme
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